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Learning Challenge Curriculum

The Learning Challenge Curriculum is a question based approach to structuring and delivering the National Curriculum. 

Children suggest questions they would use to begin to dive deeper into each theme.

This gives the children ownership of their learning.  The Curriculum at Riverside is specific to the needs of our pupils and our locality.  The Learning Challenge Curriculum is well established and the children are very positive about this approach to learning.

Cross Curricular

Learning Challenges are taught in a cross curricular way.

This approach makes learning more meaningful for the children as they are able to see how everything fits together. Where cross curricular links are not meaningful, subjects are taught separately

Basic Skills

We place a strong emphasis on the development of basic skills – skills that are necessary for lifelong learning. 

Each year group has a set of ‘non-negotiable’ basic skills that are taught and expected to be applied. All children have daily phonics lessons until they are secure in their knowledge. This is taught separately to the Learning Challenge Curriculum.

Community Links

In order for children to know about their locality, community and heritage, some of our Learning Challenges are very specific to Hereford. 

We make use of the local area and local people to bring the learning alive.We have specific whole school challenges linked to national events. The Diamond Jubilee and Olympics last summer provided excellent opportunities for different Learning Challenges.


At the end of each Learning Challenge, children celebrate the learning journey they have been on. They will report, share and present their new skills in ways that suit the genre of the challenge.  

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